Shanti Yoga

Community Wellness Collective

Community Wellness Collective

Our Maplewood studio is home to the offices of five independent wellness practitioners. While each of these practitioners operates independently of Shanti Yoga, we share a common mission to uplift and inspire our students to feel their best inside and out. Below is information about these practitioners and how to book services with them. We hope you enjoy!

Enjoy space to dive into your hearts true desires. Connect in nature and dive into local traditions that replenish the spirit and heal the soul.

Stephanie Stewart, NBC-HWC

Stephanie (she/her) is a Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a passion for helping others especially as it relates to health and well-being. Her belief in the importance of good practices in prevention and well-being stem from her professional and personal experiences in life, most notably being a Mom. For Stephanie, motherhood highlighted the need for support and healthy systems in place for managing anxiety, stress and feelings of overwhelment. Her quest for finding balance included making modifications to lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise, and meditation, and this ultimately led her to Anthropedia. This coaching methodology focuses on a wholistic approach to well-being and seeks to help people achieve balance in body, thoughts, and soul, which ultimately leads to a greater sense of unity.

Dakota Gonzalez, LMT

Meet Dakota (he/him), owner of Center Flow Therapeutics,. Centered in the needs of the Client. Dedicated to helping find a Flow in your Wellness. Dakota graduated from The Healing Arts Center in 2013 and since has worked alongside chiropractors as a chiropractic assistant, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors. Dakota draws on his knowledge of various Myofascial techniques, many other massage and energy work modalities, as well as empathic communication skills to create customized treatments fit to meet the needs of each person he works with. Dakota enjoys writing music, planting and caring for gardens, spending time in nature, wild crafting, foraging, cooking, and natural building are some of what Dakota spends time doing outside of his passion for the Healing Arts.

Ed Barr, LMT

Ed graduated from the Healing Arts Center in 2013. His massages are best described as a therapeutic blend incorporating myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, and passive stretching. He has further trainings in Pre/Postnatal Massage as well as Thai Massage techniques. His passion for music compelled him to build a unique sonic sound table that brings low frequencies of music and vibrational healing to his clients. External speakers are combined to create an immersive experience that allows clients to further release stress and anxiety while receiving restorative bodywork. He is devoted to helping his clients in safe and calming environment. Call or text (314) 351-3432 to book directly.