Shanti Yoga

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Our Mission

At Shanti Yoga we empower people in all bodies to take charge of their health by providing practices that tame stress, reduce anxiety and cultivate peace. We strive to create an approachable atmosphere that honors who you are and celebrates who you are becoming. We welcome you to join us exactly as you are.

Through intentionally designed practices, we give you the knowledge to navigate life’s transitions with more equanimity and ease. We are advocates for mental health awareness and believe that our practice is enhanced when applied off the mat. We teach yogic philosophies that encourage you to make a positive impact on your community so that together we can build a better tomorrow.

We take an active stance against racism and make a commitment to speaking out against injustice when we see it happening regardless of its effect on our bottom line. We celebrate bodies in every shape and size and work to serve as allies to the LGBTQ+ communities. 

We invite you to join us exactly as you are.

Our classes are offered through a variety of platforms so that we are able to serve you in any given moment. Our classes are crafted to meet you with personalized attention and individualized instruction. Our yoga is authentic, intelligent and personable.

We know you by name and what brings you to your practice. We know your goals and will hold ourselves accountable for helping you to reach them. We offer you a space to be open, feel seen and heard in our nurturing community.

We see yoga as a tool for self-inquiry. We are here to guide you on a path towards independence, self-reliance and greater physical, mental and emotional well being. 

We are passionate about helping you connect to your body, your breath and to each other.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Om Peace, Peace, Peace